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Curators: Tamara Abramovitch, Ilanit Konopny

Designer: Jonathan Canetti Greenshlag

photos: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Elie Posner

Housed in the storerooms of the Israel Museum is our vast photography collection, comprising over 100,000 works. The visions etched by light in these photographs capture the poetic chemistry of the medium, which emerged in the first half of the nineteenth century. In 2022, six artists were invited to explore the collection and choose photographs as a source of inspiration and response, leading the way to a new creation. The exhibition illuminates the endless possibilities of exploration and interpretation inherent in a major museum collection and the significant cultural role that images play.

The dialogues between past and present are based on a visual and symbolic reconstruction, giving rise to real and imagined landscapes. Offering a contemplation on the photographic act through time, the works subvert distinctions between reality and fiction, the personal and the political, and between a singular original and a copy. By juxtaposing artists and techniques, the exhibition narrates the changes undergone by the photographic medium, unfolding an anthology of light.

Recollection - Dialogues with Photography


Ticho House.

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

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