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The project documents the workspace and my personal design process/work as a graphic designer. An ultra analog mechanism connected to the hand follows the movement of the hand holding the working tool - the mouse. The mechanism converts the movement of the hand/mouse on the desktop and the actions derived from it on the screen - in the digital space, into an automatic freehand drawing on drawing paper.

body of work:
The journal collects and produces three different bodies of work. First, works that are created from different, free working time periods - roaming the Internet or a work process that started and stopped randomly at some point without prior planning. Second body of work, proactive actions - works that examine the gap between the hand movement versus the mouse movement on the screen and the actions it produces - the random, automatic result on the drawing surface versus the graphic structure initiated in the act of design. Among the actions, dimensional relations were examined - 'how many paintings are there in a meter line', formal relations - iconography, how to 'paint' a house, a Star of David, a black circle with the help of the mechanism. Following a letter structure - creation of an experimental typography versus an unequivocal letter structure, etc. A third body of work, a documenting object - drawing and planning a three-dimensional structure in the digital space and creating it as an object that contains within it the process of its creation - the drawn line that documents the design of the object.



The project was done as part of the master's degree in industrial design, Bezalel

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