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The project was presented as part of the exhibition ‘Uncomfort’ - Objects as Agents of Propaganda: How Designers Contribute to Shaping Narratives

Curators: Prof. Jonathan Ventura, Galit Shvo

The broom has been an essential tool for humanity since ancient times, but its value is steadily diminishing. This project examines this often-overlooked household object through various design manipulations and marketing tactics aimed at selling products that nobody needs.
By giving them new qualities and elevating their aesthetic, economic, and emotional value, the designers have transformed these brooms from simple, cheap, and functional everyday objects into highly coveted exclusive items. The manipulations employed in the exhibition feature visual and material iconographic elements that charge the broom with pseudo-spiritual meanings and propose alternative or speculative uses for it.

Moreover, the project exposes marketing mechanisms that have long since become integral to our daily routines, with offers like the ever-so-tempting "two for the price of one." Similarly, the project features visuals that give unremarkable everyday objects rare qualities and new functions that change their value. A new broom—a good broom.



Design and production together with Neil Nenner

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