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The Pit:
Artifacts raised up from the belly of the earth

2020 / 2024

Design Museum Holon / Resling publishing Exhibition curation and design together with Neil Nenner

This book seeks to follow the disposal and extraction of objects as a complex social process. It is focused on the edge of the fields of the Mikve Israel Agricultural School, where the first mandatory landfill of the city of Tel Aviv operated. Between the years 2016-2020, the burial ground was investigated in a multidisciplinary work led by a historian (Dr. Yaron Balslev), a collector (Arbel Levy), an archaeologist (Dr. Assaf Nativ), a geologist (Dr. Gilad Steinberg) and an anthropologist (Prof. Tamar Elor ) in 2020 the excavation findings were presented at the Design Museum in Holon.

The historical research is supported by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, our partners in sponsoring this exhibition.

photos: Shachar Fleischmann

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